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Eight Plants which can protect you from mosquitos

Mosquitoes transmit diseases to an estimated 600 million people annually worldwide, of which millions that are infected will result in death. The mosquito borne diseases are the viral disease yellow fever, dengue fever, and they are transmitted mostly by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Malaria is carried by the genus Anopheles mosquito.
       During Summer and with the rainy season at hand, these little pests are all over the place. It is very important that you protect your family, particularly young children, and the elderly from being beaten. Last year a co-worker went to South America to his sister’s wedding and a few days after returning to the USA he died from malaria.
      There a hundreds, if not thousands of chemicals on the market today, which are used to fight, kill, and repellent mosquitos. Unfortunately, they all have side effects and can potentially be harmful to you, your family and your pets.
     For example, let us take are look at DDT, the inventor won a Nobel Prize for in 1948, which was used for a number of years to eradicate mosquitoes and other pests in America and other parts of the world. Today it is banned because it has been found to be very TOXIC. It is no longer used as a pesticide for crops but it is still widely used to fight mosquitos.
    The creator knew what he was doing, so he created natural ways to protect you. Here are eight plants, which can help:

1.          Ageratum Plant

Ageratum is an annual herb, which grows about 60 cm high and produces small pink flowers. Its origin is in Central America and the Caribbean. It can also be found in several tropical and sub-tropical countries, including Brazil.

How to prepare:
Buy the plant from your local nursery or home and garden store.

a)        You can grow the Plant in your backyard garden, or on your patio, it will repel mosquitos....

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  1. Anonymous1:17 PM EDT

    This blog is awesome. I have tried some alternative mosquito repellents but not the way you have laid out. You have done a great job here.